Gas Safety Training

“The Health and Safety at Work Act 1972 requires that any person who works with Gas must be competent in those areas in which they work. To prove competence, firstly you need to be assessed, however, you must prove that you have had sufficient training before you can be assessed”.

At Process Gas Services Ltd we specialise in the provision of gas training to in-house engineering staff. We provide both structured and bespoke training, covering all aspects of industrial gas process equipment, allowing in house engineering staff to be deemed competent to service and maintain gas fired process equipment. 

Samples of training courses

Gas Safety Awareness (GA100)
The Gas Safety Awareness course is the foundation of all our training programmes, and must be completed before any additional courses can be undertaken. The Gas Safety Awareness course is run over a five day period, and covers both practical and theory assessments. The following are some of the elements covered within the course:- Legislation, Unsafe Situations, Ventilation, Flues, Pipework, Tightness Testing to IGE/UP1A, Properties of Gas (LPG or Natural Gas), Emergency Procedures, Burners and Controls.   

Large Pipework (GA101) 
The Gas Safety Awareness course (GA100) covers the tightness testing of gas pipework up to and including 6” (150mm) diameter pipework with a maximum volume of one cubic metre and a maximum operating pressure of 40 mbar. The Large Pipework course covers pipework in excess of these parameters, and is run over two days and includes the following elements:- Strength Testing, Tightness Testing and Purging of Industrial Pipework to IGE/UP1, along with Pipe Sizing.

Multi Burner Ovens
This course has been developed to train engineering staff in the correct manner of removing, servicing, repairing and adjusting burners within multi burner travailing band ovens, whether the burners are of ribbon or nitmesh construction, and operating within atmospheric, air-blast or high pressure gas systems. These courses are predominately practical with a slight theory element.