Gas Safety Audits

We have found on many occasions that safety related incidents to gas fired process equipment have occurred either directly or indirectly due to faulty safety interlocks and/or controls. Many of our customers use either in-house engineering staff or an independent gas service contractor for the routine and reactive maintenance and servicing of their gas fired equipment.

Unfortunately, the oven/dryer safety interlocks and controls are not always tested during these service/maintenance visits. To overcome these issues and bring an impartial account as to the condition of the safety devices and interlocks, Process Gas Services Ltd have developed a programme of tests to evaluate the safe operation of gas fired process plants. Along with the audit report we would advise on how the safety interlocks could be improved. We would also advise where the safety system is not to current standards.

Gas Safety Policy Documents

Process Gas Services Ltd can help companies meet their Health and Safety obligations by producing a tailor-made Gas Safety Policy Document. This document would give a structured framework to the management of gas safety. Elements to be included within the document are as follows:-

  • Criteria for New and Existing Machinery
  • Minimum Standards and Documentation for Contractors
  • Minimum Qualifications for In-house Engineering Staff
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Minimum Maintenance Standards
  • Gas Leak Procedure
  • Strength Testing, Tightness Testing and Purging Procedures
  • Management of Gas

Incident investigation

If unfortunately there has been a gas related incident, Process Gas Services Ltd can assist by carrying out a thorough Incident Investigation. All findings and recommendations would be fully documented.